How To Host The Ultimate Pancake Day Party

January 19, 2015

How To Host The Ultimate Pancake Day Party

Choose a date

This should be a bit of a no-brainer. Tuesday 17thFebruary is pancake day this year so try to have your pancake party on Shrove Tuesday itself. If you can’t, aim for earlier, rather than later, as anyone giving up tasty treats for Lent will be heartbroken if they have to watch you eat Nutella pancakes during their first few days of abstinence!

Send invitations

It may not be a birthday party but there’s no need for manners to go out the window. Send invites and ask your guests to RSVP. And yes, a Facebook event will do! We love these instant download invites from Ink Obsession on Etsy which you can print out and send to your guests.

Plan your menu

It’s great to have a whole array of toppings for people to add to their crepes, but there’s a danger of going overboard in the supermarket getting things that don’t go together all that well (raisins and popping candy anyone?). Try and cover the basic pancake topping food groups: fruits, nuts, spices, sweets, sauces and spreads. A few of each of these and you’ll have an even spread to cater to all tastes. This year, we’re going for: blueberries, raspberries, lemons, flaked almonds, cinnamon, sugar, chocolate buttons and marshmallows. When it comes to sauce, we’ll be using our deliciously decadent chocolate dessert sauce that you can buy in our shop. We also do a Butter Toffee sauce that really is quite possibly the most addictive thing we’ve ever tasted.

Choose your recipe

You need to decide whether to make pancakes or crepes. Crepes are customary and our basic crepe batter recipe is fool proof. Make it ahead of time so that you can come across as cool, calm and collected on the night. Store in the fridge overnight and whisk in a little extra milk when you come to use your batter. Be sure not to over whisk, though, otherwise you risk creating air bubbles that can lead to holes in your crepes. Top tip: turn your oven on before you even start cooking crepes on the hob – that way you can keep them warm once they’re ready

Prep your kitchen

We once ended up shaking crepe batter in a milk carton at a friend’s house on pancake day as they didn’t have a whisk or a bowl (the horror!) Key kitchen equipment you’ll need: mixing bowl, weighing scales, sieve, whisk, measuring jug, ladle or large spoon, frying pan, or crepe plate, twiddly crepe spreading stick (called a rozell), and a spatula.

Find a good pancake pan

The biggest cause of pancake trauma in our experience is not having a good pancake pan. We use a Breville crepe plate but a frying pan will work just fine as long as it is non-stick. The Le Creuset Crepe Pan is the stuff dreams are made of but it’s a pretty big investment. 

Make a lemon cream

Lemon and sugar is always the favourite on pancake day, with Nutella not far behind. Although it’s a classic, you will not regret upgrading to a simple lemon cream – only three ingredients but So. Flipping. Delicious! 

Lay your table

A pancake day party calls for a beautiful table dressed with an array of delicious-looking toppings, spread as far as the eye can see. We love these little treat cups from Talking Tables.

Plan your drinks menu

French crepes are often served with sparkling wine or cider. Something light, fruity and fizzy goes well. We love this Waitrose recipe for Elderflower and Prosecco Bellinis

Capture the memories

Get a cheap polaroid camera on Ebay and get photos of your friends pulling funny faces as they flip their crepes in the air. A memento to take home from the evening, and you can recreate the same snaps next year. We’ll give away a free pancake mix to the best photos emailed in to us at, tweeted to @LittlePancakeCo, or shared with us on Facebook on February 17th.

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