When We’re All Done Squatting

May 31, 2014

When We’re All Done Squatting

If we see one more ’30 Day Squat Challenge’ (or plank challenge, or lunge challenge for that matter!), we think we might curl up into a ball and cry. Yes we all want beach bodies for summer but since when do we take fitness advice from Photoshop? Seriously peoples

Don’t get me wrong, we’re fitness fanatics over here but if we’ve got 30 days to make a change, why not shake it up a bit? We guarantee our 30 will make you feel more ready for summer than squatting like a numpty every day.

1. Stretch in the sunshine before the rest of the world is awake

2. Pack a picnic lunch for you and a friend – a retro Sherbet Dip Dab for pud is always appreciated

3. Paint your toe nails the brightest coral colour you can find (It’s my sister’s favourite)

4. Make a fruity iced tea in the evening and leave it in the fridge for the next day – the tea will taste as good as the satisfaction of being organised

5. Make bunting

6. Buy a space hopper on Ebay and bounce in your garden

7. Making a daisy chain bracelet is a must

8. Rediscover your favourite childhood book – ours is The Secret Garden

9. Rediscover your favourite big kid book – ours is To Kill A Mocking Bird

10. Set up a hot-tub cinema in your garden? No projector and no hot tub? You’ll find a way

11. Go to the beach for the day and send your parents a postcard

12. Set up an obstacle course in your garden and host your own sports day

13. Buy some roller skates at a charity shop – knee pads too please!

14. Make jelly – buy every colour they have and make in wine glasses, let it set between colours for old school layers

15. Have a Mr Whippy

16. Take a weekend trip to Paris – go to the Shakespeare & Company bookshop and play their piano and carve your name on the wall next to ours

17. Have fish and chips at the beach

18. Learn to do a headstand – careful, lots of pillows and a friend to help is recommended

19. Hike up somewhere high and when you get to the top, take a deep breath and do a little dance

20. Recreate a scene from your favourite film (ours is the ‘You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling’ song from Top Gun)

21. Finally cut those jeans that you never wear into shorts

22. Do a park run

23. Add pomegranate seeds to a salad – mmm feeling fruity!

24. Next time you’re doodling in a meeting, try and actually draw something. Not just a heart or flower. How about a pygmy goat?

25. Go swimming in the sea and make a splash

26. Take a special someone for a romantic alfresco dinner – remember to choose wine with a screw cap unless you’ve got a corkscrew handy

27. Host a pancake garden party – we’ve got a great recipe for Raspberry Meringue Crepes on our website

28. Try Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga. But be prepared to fall in!

29. Say yes to everything for a week and see where you end up – we had our fortune read by a man in a Technicolor dream coat

30. Do a couple of squats. If you enjoy them, do some more tomorrow

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