Oh My Pancakes!

May 05, 2014

Oh My Pancakes!

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! Did you miss us?

We’ve been on one flipping awesome adventure (slash pancake tour…) of California. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It sure was. And the best bit was having pancakes for breakfast aaaaaaaaall the time. We’ve pulled together our faves and are sharing the lessons we learnt along the way. In our minds, the best advice is free. It’s the things you learn as a customer yourself that can make a real difference to your business.

1. The Eagle, San Francisco.

What did we have? Banana pancakes topped with brown sugar and pecans

The highs: These pancakes were the size of my face and the fluffiest I’ve ever seen!

The lows: For a girl, I really can eat but the portion size intimidates – more than 10 humans could possibly eat…

The lesson: The atmosphere in the Eagle was great, and was achieved by dishes so adventurous that you just have to talk to the people sat next to you to compare guesses about what you’re eating – the place was buzzing with strangers sharing gasps and giggles

2. Mundaka, Carmel

Ricotta Crepes

What did we have? Sweet ricotta crepes with a strawberry and rhubarb compote

The highs: The most incredible flavours and textures

The lows: Warm crepes with a cold ricotta filling would have given this dish something extra special

The lesson: Mundaka manages to make you feel like you were on a crazy adventure that you never want to end. We sat at a table under the stairs (literally under the staircase!) and ordered the ‘Porron’ – for those of you who haven’t drunk wine out of a porron before, it basically means no glasses, and pouring from a jug straight into your mouth. It is so much fun and a real ice breaker at dinner

3. Heidi’s, South Lake Tahoe

Heidi's Spiced Apple Pancakes

What did we have? A short stack of buttermilk pancakes with warm spiced apple compote

The highs: Maple AND boysenberry syrup on the table for you to help yourself to – a nice touch

The lows: The flavour. ‘Spiced’ was a huge exaggeration. Apples can be taken to a whole new level with spices but here there was no spice, just a lot of overcompensating with sugar. And that displeases me greatly.

The lesson: The service at Heidi’s was genuinely creepy. It started with a wink and only got worse from there on!

4. Euro Crepe, Squaw Valley

Strawberry and Nutella Crepes Squaw Valley

What did we have? A strawberry and Nutella crepe

The highs: The service was quick…? That’s about all the positives we’ve got!

The lows: My heart broke when I saw that these crepes weren’t freshly made to order. They weren’t even recently made. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a really dry crepe. What’s more, ‘strawberry’ meant over-sweetened strawberry jam. Disappointing all round.

The lesson: Fresh isn’t just best, it’s the only choice in my eyes. Make real food for real people.

Our pancake tour gave us a lot of inspiration for our one day pancake house but after a while we noticed a lot of same old same old. The standard seemed to be a choice between a stack or a short stack, and then strawberry, raspberry, apple or blueberry. Now don’t get me wrong, we love our fruit, but think there’s a teeeeeeny bit of room for a sprinkle more excitement on our pancake menu. Our next recipe to try involves some rhubarb, some custard and a rather wacky syrup!

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