Oh What a Year!

December 27, 2013

Oh What a Year!

Hello hello little pancakers! How were your little Christmasses?

We spent our Boxing Day opening our Etsy shop! Woohoo! What a hugemongous step for us. You can check it out here: www.littlepancakeco.etsy.com

Even if you’re not in the market for a pancake mix, please do leave your comments or follow our shop if you’re a fellow Etsy-er.

Our last blog post of the year is going to be a mini look back at what’s happened for The Little Pancake Company this year and a mini look forward at what we want to achieve in the next year.


  • Jan 29th we launched www.thelittlepancakecompany.com – yippee!
  • April I took my food hygiene course in Billericay – also first time I’d ever been to Billericay!
  • I wrote my food safety management plan – actually rather enjoyed it…
  • I found a kitchen to produce my pancake mixes and I made some stock – it’s a lovely little village hall which had baby ballet taking place at the same time
  • I had 2 inspections from Environmental Health and passed both with flying colours (2 because we have a storage facility and a kitchen, not because we didn’t make the cut first time round!)
  • July we had a stall at Clare craft fair – met loads of wonderful people and we actually sold things! To real people! That I’m not related to!
  • September we had our application for 3 trademarks approved!
  • We got trading standards approval to sell our pancake mixes online – who thought I’d be spending my evenings reading the Chocolate and Cocoa Regulations of 2003. Not me!
  • And yesterday, we opened our Etsy shop (nearly didn’t make the 2013 list but just snuck in there!)


  • We’ll move over to our new website that my wonderful friend Catherine is building us
  • We will launch our online shop at www.thelittlepancakecompany.com – if you can’t buy pancake mixes on our website then where can you??
  • We will open our Little Pancake Company Amazon shop – if you want to know when this happens then join our mailing
  • We’ll double (or perhaps triple) our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and WordPress fan numbers

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated as the days, weeks and months of 2014 go by.

Merry Christmas!

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