Loaded Rocky Road Pancake Mix

Described as 'possibly the most wonderful thing', our Loaded Rocky Road pancake mix is the most magical dessert imaginable. At The Little Pancake Company, we're passionate about flavour which is why we use fluffy marshmallows, crumbly biscuit pieces and indulgent milk chocolate in this pancake mix. Each mix contains plenty for 4 delicious servings.

And the best part? We donate a hot meal to someone who really needs it for every single pancake mix we sell.

You can be enjoying warm fluffy pancakes in less than 5 minutes – all you need to add to our pancake mix is one egg and some milk and then give it a whisk. And they only take a minute or two to cook – just enough time to grab your fluffy socks and dance around your kitchen.

These pancake mixes contain wheat, and although the recipe is nut free, we can't guarantee the ingredients are nut free. Our advice is don’t risk it for a chocolate biscuit. Or a rocky road pancake.

Sadly, our current stock of rocky road pancake mix is not suitable for vegetarians, as the marshmallow pieces contain Halal beef gelatine. We're currently looking for a supplier of delicious vegetarian-friendly mini marshmallows so if you know somebody who makes them, get in touch!

Make these pancakes extra special by pairing with our delicious Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce!

Allergens: Allergens: Wheat, Milk and Soya

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