Donate a Hot Meal

Did you know that we donate a hot meal for every pancake mix you buy at

We are proud to work with the wonderful guys at the charity FoodCycle. For those of you who aren't familiar with the work they do, they reclaim surplus food that would have otherwise been wasted and cook it into tasty, healthy meals for people in need.

We wanted to incorporate a social element into our business from the start, and FoodCycle seemed like a natural fit. We wanted to make sure that every time we gave you a meal, we gave someone else one too. Someone who might not have had one otherwise. So that was the plan, buy a mix, give a meal. We then started looking for partner. Why FoodCycle? Because they don’t just give a meal. They give a solution – using food waste.

In the UK, an estimated 20 million tonnes of food is wasted each year at all levels from plough to plate whilst 4 million people are affected by food poverty. At least 400,000 tonnes of this is thrown away at retail level. FoodCycle are doing something about this by making use of perfectly edible food to create nutritious meals for those who need them.

Help us to help more people with every pancake mix you buy from