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4 Fun Pancake Day Activities

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Pancake Day is almost here, and it is our favourite day of the year here at The Little Pancake Company. We’ll be getting involved in some fun pancake themed activities, and we would love to encourage you and your family (or friend group) to do the same. Whether it’s just two of you, or a large group, we’re sure that our list of four super fun Pancake Day activities will be suitable for everyone, no matter the size of your group and no matter what age you are.

1. Pancake Race

An absolute classic Pancake Day activity. The way it works: you need at least two players racing. Each player has a pancake and a pan, and they have to flip the pancake whilst they’re racing. The first person to drop their pancake loses. Set up a race course, maybe add some twists such as having to go around cones, or go over a see-saw. To add a fun element to it, why not introduce the obstacle of flour bombs? Fill water balloons (we recommend these as the material is thin, so will burst easier) with flour and have various people throw them at those who are racing. This can distract the players and help another to win. Although, this is probably a better element to add to a game played by teenagers or adults – children might not appreciate being covered in flour!

Make sure you have an incentive for people to play. You could offer them one of our very own American style pancake mixes as a prize for winning the pancake race, and they can make their own delicious pancakes at home.

2. Pancake Hunt

A bit like an Easter Egg hunt, except with pancakes. The way it works: hide paper pancakes around the garden (or child-size pancake mixes) for the kids to find. If you choose to hide paper pancakes, make sure each one they find equals a prize, so for every paper pancake they find, they get something in return. If you hide pancake mixes, make sure you set a rule that each child can only find one mix, to make it fair for everyone playing. Once they’ve found their mix, they’re out of the game. Add some urgency to the game by giving them a time limit of 10 minutes. If they haven’t found a pancake mix in those 10 minutes, they might get a bag of sweets or a pocket-sized game as a prize instead (or you could give them the pancake mix anyway as a treat for taking part).

Our pancake mix party bags are an excellent choice for this Pancake Day activity as the labels can be personalised with your own special message, and we can even offer bespoke label designs if you wanted something a bit more specific to the day.

3. Making Pancakes

Of course, you don’t have to play games on Pancake Day. You could do something as simple and classic as making pancakes together as a family. You could make them from scratch, or you could use a pre-made mix that only requires a couple of additional ingredients to make fluffy American style pancakes. Our range of pancake mixes are absolutely perfect, and you can choose from a variety of flavours including Rocky Road, Toffee Apple, Raspberry & White Chocolate, and more!

4. Pancake Balancing

A fun Pancake Day activity for kids, but can be great fun for adults too! The way it works: place a pancake on a body part that will be difficult for it to stay balanced on whilst you’re moving, such as your shoulder, foot, or thigh. Then, choose the way you each have to move. You could make everyone hop, skip, spin in a circle whilst going from the start line to the finish line. Whatever you choose, make it challenging. The first person to lose their pancake is out of the game. The person who reaches the finish line first without dropping their pancake is the winner.


Whatever range of Pancake Day activities you choose to do, make sure your day is full of fun and deliciousness. Making your own pancakes? Tag us on Instagram @littlepancakeco as we would love to see them!