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Raspberry Pancakes

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Fluffy American pancakes aren’t as easy to make as they look! Use our fool-proof recipe if you’re new to making pancakes and we’ll make sure your raspberry pancakes turn out perfectly. Once you’ve got the basics mastered, why not try one of our other flavours, or progress to our recipes section and make your own pancakes from scratch?


  • 1 Egg
  • 250ml Buttermilk or Milk
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate Pancake Mix


To make your pancake batter:

  • First things first! Grab some fluffy socks to keep your toes warm. Then fetch your whisk and let’s make some fluffy pancakes (best pop your apron on too if you’re prone to messiness!)
  • Empty your batter mix into a large bowl. Add one egg and 250ml of buttermilk. No buttermilk? No problem. Milk is fine but for best results add a squeeze of lemon to the milk and allow it to rest for 10 mins. Give the batter mix a good whisk to make sure the egg and milk are combined. If you’ve got time, leave your batter to chill for 30 minutes before you start cooking.

To cook your pancakes:

  • Melt some butter in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Add a tablespoon or two of batter to your pan and smooth into a circle with the back of the spoon.
  • Cook for a few minutes until bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake (or until it’s a light golden colour underneath) then flip carefully with a spatula and cook the other side. Lightly press down on the cooked side of the pancake to release any uncooked batter. Once you’ve got this nailed, cook a few at a time!

Every pancake needs a topping in life, so serve with a dusting of icing sugar and some vanilla ice cream. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, leave that apron on and try making our raspberry coulis recipe.