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How To Make People Think You’re a Better Cook Than You Are

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There are some recipes that instantly become part of your repertoire as soon as you try them for the first time – and they’re not usually the really difficult ones, or even the really tasty ones. They’re the ones where to effort-to-taste ratio is totally out of whack – they’re stupidly easy to make but so tasty you kind of can’t believe that you actually made it.

Lemon cream is one of those recipes. It only has 3 ingredients and it only takes a few minutes to make, but it is so flipping tasty! And it’s perfect for crepes. You really do have to try it. And today is the perfect day to do so.

Because today is Fête des Crêpes (or La Fête de la Chandeleur) and tradition dictates that you’ve got to have crepes – but not until 8pm tonight so you’ve got time to dig out your whisk and zest a few lemons.

Oh… and there’s one more thing… tradition also dictates that if the cook can flip a crêpe while holding a coin in the other hand, the family will have prosperity throughout the coming year. Good luck with that…

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